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Happy Tails


After suffering years of neglect, Woodrow found his way to Saving Grace through a rural North Carolina shelter. Long term neglect resulted in poor vision and a heart condition but Woodrow is now loving life in a wonderful home. While some dogs come and go through the adoption program quickly, others, like Woodrow can take months of care before they are ready for adoption.

FROM HIS NEW FAMILY: My husband and I met Woodrow in March when we took him home for a host weekend. Lucky for us, that weekend extended into a week! It did not take long before we knew that we wanted to adopt Woodrow who is now known as Charlie. However, depending on the day, Charlie might also answer to Charlie O! Charles in Charge! or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! As we understand it, Charlie has been through severely rough times, but Molly and Saving Grace worked their magic and he is now this happy 11 year old pup! Charlie has a heart condition, is blind in one eye and has limited sight in the other but you would never know it! He looks forward to his daily walk even though brief. He is sweet and mellow yet will make himself known when he smells bacon and eggs! Charlie will get a burst of energy, play with his favorite toy, romp for a minute, and then plop down wherever he might be in that moment. Charlie loves to sleep the day away and like that childhood game "Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3!", you turn around and never know where Charlie might be snoozing in the moment ... the middle of the hallway, under a chair, under the coffee table, or our favorite place, right at our feet. We love Charlie! Thank you Molly and Saving Grace! 



Buster came to Saving Grace after his owner died and he found himself in a rural NC shelter. He loves to come shopping at the store and it is always a joy to see him out and about and how well he is doing.

FROM HIS NEW FAMILY: Buster PICKED me 2 years ago while I was volunteering at Saving Grace. He followed me for weeks. He already knew basic commands. I am a foster fail. He came from a rural shelter got a Freedom ride to the Farm. He is an older guy but still has some spunk. He got his Canine Good Citizen certificate and has attended 3 other classes, so old dogs can learn. He loves to ride and go to the park. He is such a good boy and we love him so much. 



While Saving Grace primarily rescues and adopts our dogs, there are other friends that find their way to us in great need as well. Jackie came to Saving Grace in February 2020 with a severely mangled leg that had become infected. Once she came into our rescue, her leg was amputated and she recovered in a foster home until she was well enough to be adopted.

FROM HER NEW FAMILY: Maggie (formerly Jackie) joined our family in March, right before the pandemic shut everything down. She is the absolute sweetest cat I have ever met. She is an absolute joy to have around, and she is ALWAYS around. She loves being with her people and has definitely put a ray of sunshine in this crazy year. We are so glad Saving Grace took a chance on this sweet kitten.