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3 Pups Bakery Treats


We love 3 Pups Bakery! Their gourmet dog treats are homemade in Clayton, NC and they're delicious and dog-approved.

Beef Jerky, 2.8 oz bag 
Ingredients: London Broil, Low sodium soy sauce, black pepper, garlic powder

Beef Jerky has been a proven favorite of our local customers. We use London Broil that we marinate in low sodium soy sauce, black pepper, and garlic powder. It is then dehydrated in our commercial dehydrator. 3 Pups Beef Jerky is grain-free and high in protein! The Jerky is heat sealed in protective barrier bags with all natural silica packets to prevent moisture build up. Yes, this is for your fur babies! 

Chicken Jerky, 2.8 oz bag
Ingredients: Chicken breasts
Chicken Jerky is made out of chicken breasts that are sliced up and dehydrated in their commercial dehydrator. The Chicken Jerky is a single ingredient item...made only with chicken breast meat! Chicken Jerky is grain-free, high in protein, and low in fat. Our Jerky is heat sealed in a protective barrier bag, and is packed with all natural silica packets to prevent moisture build up. It's a delicious and healthy treat for your pups.

Salmon Bites, 2.8 oz bag (For both dogs and cats!)
Ingredients: Salmon
The Salmon Bites are made from salmon filets that are cut up into bites and are dehydrated in the commercial dehydrator. This is a single ingredient item...just salmon! They are loaded with health benefits for your fur babies...Omega-3 fatty acids, immune system support, may decrease inflammation, promotes healthy skin and coat, and is a good source of protein! Salmon Bites are heat sealed in protective barrier bags along with all natural silica packets to prevent moisture build up.

Dehydrated Duck Feet, 4.5 oz bag
Dehydrated Duck Feet with the claws removed! Our duck and chicken feet are locally sourced right here in North Carolina. We personally pick up the feet from the farms that supply us, and they are cleaned and prepped in our kitchen. We dehydrate them in our commercial dehydrator, and they are then packaged in heat sealed protective barrier bags. We use all natural silica packs to absorb any moisture while they are bagged to ensure they stay crunchy for your pups! The feet are loaded with health benefits. They are an excellent source of chondroitin and glucosamine, they promote clean teeth and healthy gums, and they are easy and healthy to digest. Our pups love them and so will yours!

Frequently asked question? : Can my dog have the bones that are in this product?
Answer: YES! These are fully dehydrated, therefore once the moisture is extracted from the bones it becomes a crushing effect opposed to splintering. Cooked bones splinter hence the reason you should not feed them to your pups. Our dehydrated treats are safe and healthy for your fur babies. 
As Always: Please supervise your pet while they enjoy this droolicious chew/treat and remove if splintering occurs. Please provide plenty of fresh water when giving any chew/treat.