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Curly Girl Design Holiday Cards


These cute cards from Curly Girl Designs come in six different designs. Contains 8 cards and white envelopes.

JOY- "Joy to you, love to all, peace to creatures big and small"

MAGIC- "Magic is the simple act of believing what our hearts already know to be true"

SPLENDOR- "Wishing you a season of splendor and magical thinking"

DELIGHT- "Wishing you a holiday full of delight, lots of merry, and everything bright"

CERTAINTY- "If you look, you will find with some certainty that joy is in the spaces in-between"

MEASURE- "The measure of a year is in the ways we have learned to love"

PEACE- "Peace is the understanding that though we are each one different, we are all made of the same exquisite stuff"

REMEMBER- "Remember, it is not our eyes but our hearts, that can see the things that are most real"

HOLY NIGHT- "A star above that shines so bright, brings peace to all this holy night"