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Wooly Wonkz Holiday Toys


What if your holiday toy purchase for your pet had the power to change someone's life?

RC Pet Products is proud to introduce Wooly Wonkz, a line of sustainable toys. This collection of adorable holiday toys is good for your pet and also good for our planet. 

Choose between a reindeer, Santa, or a snowman.

Each toy is lovingly handmade using natural, renewable and eco-friendly wool fibers. Beyond that, each purchase connects you to a much greater cause: helping Nepalese women to earn a living and support their families and their future.

Through the manufacturing process of our toys, these charismatic and skillful women are given the opportunity to bring new life to their long-standing Nepalese traditions. Working together in a safe environment, they are provided with long-term employment, fair salaries and benefits such as healthcare, food, educations and clothes for their children.

In addition to the social impact these toys have, each one plays a part in lessening our global impact on the environment. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, our toys are naturally anti-microbial, odor-resistant and toxin-free.

RC Pets is thrilled for the opportunity to create a quality product that can also help us to make this world a better place!