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Adoption is Essential T-shirts

Covid-19 has resulted in so many challenges to businesses. The majority of non-profits, including Saving Grace, depend on events to fund necessary programs. All community events were essentially cancelled from March on, which prevented Saving Grace from raising awareness about our mission, our animals, and raising funds to provide the care they need to get them ready for adoption. This medical care is truly essential, and often the only opportunity many animals have for a future. Our program is truly their only “saving grace”, even during a pandemic.  The “Adoption is Essential Tee” was created to give shelter supporters a way to still help shelter animals and our mission. The proceeds from this shirt go directly to help make-up lost funds from the many missed events. When you wear your super soft cozy t-shirt out in the community you are helping to raise awareness for shelter animals everywhere! This T-shirt is available in both short and long sleeve. Unisex sizing applies.

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The Farm

Saving Grace was founded in 2004 and since then, more than 24,000 animals got a second chance and became part of a loving family because of Saving Grace efforts.

The Store

SG Supply Co. is locally owned, has a rich history, and amazing character, not to mention the proceeds go to our rescue mission

The Village

We have an absolutely incredible family of volunteers who provide the daily care necessary for our rescue dogs

Saving Grace Supply Company

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