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Cozy, cheerful, and seasoned with love, the Supply Company is loaded with a vast array of amazing merchandise! Located a quick 2 miles from the Saving Grace farm, Saving Grace Supply Co. is definitely a destination worth visiting for all your pet needs and unique gift items. Like the SG farm, the Saving Grace Supply Store building was a happening place from the get-go.  Built as a gas station and convenience store in the 1950’s, it was a friendly meeting spot for locals, and has long served as a landmark for people in our community. Originally serving lunches, snacks, gasoline, and smokes to the workers building Falls Lake, it has been transformed to our beloved Saving Grace store serving local pet owners. Locally owned, local history, amazing character, all while supporting local animals, we LOVE that this building is our space and continues to be a special and cherished part of our community.