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Buddy Budder Dog Peanut Butter 17oz


This 100% all natural peanut butter is sure to be a hit with your pup! It contains no hydrogenation oil, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup, stabilizers, xylitol, added sugar, or salt. It's made in the USA by happy dog lovers!

Nine 17oz. flavors to choose from:

  • Beehive Buzz: Unsalted Peanuts + Bee Pollen + Honey
  • Beggin Bacon: Unsalted Peanuts + Bacon + Honey
  • Superberry Snoot: Unsalted Peanuts + Strawberries + Blueberries + Blackberries + Honey
  • Barking Banana: Unsalted Peanuts + Banana + Chia Seed + Honey
  • Ruff Ruff Raw: Unsalted Peanuts + Honey
  • Pumpkin Pup: Unsalted Peanuts + Pumpkin + Cinnamon + Honey
  • Hip & Joint Cranberry Canine: Unsalted Peanuts + Cranberry + Honey
  • Relax Rover: Unsalted Peanuts + Honey
  • Gut Health Bow Wow Bluebrrry: Unsalted Peanuts + Blueberry + Honey   Prebiotics: Inulin (Fos Prebiotic), Stearic Acid

MULTIFUNCTIONAL -Dogs love licking this delicious treat from a spoon or right out of the jar. Use as pill pocket; with dog enrichment toys; spread on lickmat as a distraction during bath time or nail trimmings; make frozen treats with silicone molds; bake homemade dog treats; add on top of sliced bananas or apples; and so much more. Your options are endless.
FOR ALL DOGS - Puppies, adult, large and small breeds can enjoy Buddy Budder. Just use pup parent discretion when feeding and introducing a new treat. Some dogs have more sensitive tummies than others.
REFRIGERATE - Our peanut butter is all natural and free of harmful ingredients and stabilizers. Refrigerating your Buddy Budder will allow it to thicken so it's easier to stuff inside of dog enrichment toys or use as a pill pocket.
MADE IN USA - Regionally sourced ingredients are chosen and manufactured by Bark Bistro. They take pride in manufacturing their own treats in order to deliver a quality product.