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Bugs at Bay Herbal Insect Repellent

Bugs at Bay Herbal Insect Repellent


Bugs at Bay™️ is here to help you naturally repel mosquitoes!! Moondance Soaps is a local Wake Forest, NC company and their formulary is registered with the NC Dept of Agriculture and in compliance with the EPA.  You are going to love Bugs at Bay and their recipe, starring one terpene and 7 essential oils, smells oh-so delicious.  Superpower, Geraniol, a farm favorite, acts as a bug deterrent and helps protect you from bites without the DEET! 

Active Ingredients: 2.2% geraniol; 2.2% lemongrass oil; .5% citronella oil; .5% rosemary oil; .3% cedarwood oil; .3% peppermint oil; .3% geranium oil; .3% spearmint oil

Inert Ingredients (93.4%): distilled water; isopropyl alcohol; wheat germ oil