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PetHub QR Tag


Did you know 1 in 3 pets will go missing sometime during their lifetime? When you activate your PetHub Digital QR tag, you’ll have peace of mind that if your fur kid does go missing, you’ve got the tools to help them get home.

With pawsome features like PetHub Shelter Alerts, your community is alerted about your missing pet with one simple click. The automated, instant, and personalized lost pet poster template saves you time so you can focus on bringing them home.

Your PetHub tag also offers access to a wealth of knowledge to help you care for your furry family member, money-saving deals on your pet’s supplies, and other services, including telehealth.


  • Size: 1.25" diameter
  • QR code and web address link to FREE online pet profile
  • Toll free 24/7 Found Pet Hotline (US-based and -staffed) printed on tag
  • Easy access to critical medical and behavioral information
  • Multiple ‘Safety Circle’ phone numbers to help get your fur kid home without seeing the inside of a shelter
  • Premium offerings also available for added pet-related services, including telehealth and a Recovery Suite of tools to help your pet get home fast